Water Shutoff


NeoPlastic can serve as a plugging/bonding agent like API cement and also as a plugging agent in the pores of permeable formations. NeoPlastic is identical in every way to a thermosetting resin that was specifically developed in the 1950s for downhole water shutoff applications. The original resin product was successfully run thousands of times per year for 50+ years.

NeoProducts® is the only company to offer this resin system along with the support of unequaled experience and technical support.

NeoPlastic is a thermosetting resin that is placed downhole, flows thru gravel packs and permeable formations, displaces wellbore fluids, crosslinks and bonds to sand and steel, and becomes an impermeable barrier to fluid flow. E-line and slickline dump bailing operations are the most common placement methods.

When an extended run-in time is required NeoPlastic can be used as an alternative sealant to conventional API cement. Run-in times for NeoPlastic can be 24+ hours while still providing excellent compressive strengths and high casing-to-plug shear bond strengths.

NeoQuickPlug Bulletin NeoQuickPlug-Back Process

NeoPlastic is used to:

  • Shutoff flow in csg, gravel packs, perf tunnels, annuli, and micro annuli,
  • Selectively reduce or shutoff water production in oil and gas wells (custom made NeoProducts equipment used with NeoPlastic can eliminate undesirable flow from mid-interval perforations while still producing from perforations above and below the isolated interval, refer to figure on right),
  • Displace wellbore fluids in a gravel pack out to the csg ID, continue flowing thru perforation holes and out behind pipe, crosslink/bond to sand and pipe, and shutoff undesirable flow into the csg interval where NeoPlastic resides,
  • Reduce or shutoff flow in annuli in csg and behind pipe micro-annuli, and
  • Shutoff all horizontal and vertical fluid flow in gravel packs.