NeoHybridPDB (Positive Displacement Bailer) Systems

NeoHybridPDB™ (Positive Displacement Bailer) SystemsNeoHybridPDB™ (Positive Displacement Bailer) Systems

NeoHybridPDB® systems are a hybrid combination of the best features of conventional PDB systems and gravity bailer systems. Dump Bailer Actuators (DBAs) are the driving force of PDB Systems. NeoHybridPDB Systems are more powerful, easier to use, and have shorter turn-around times than any other PDB Systems. NeoHybridPDB Systems are actuated by the application of DC power sent down the WL or from a downhole slickline power supply. Actuation requires VDC @ 450-500 milliamps. Standard, HPHT, and UHP/UHT Service Models are available for sweet and sour service conditions.

NeoHybridPDB (NeoPDB) Bulletin