Positive-sealing Elastomeric Plugs (NeoPEP)

3-remov neo

NeoPEPs are used in rigless zonal isolations and recompletions. They can pass thru small restrictions and set in casing diameters up to 3½ times their run-in diameter.

Like cast iron bridge plugs NeoPEPs have robust anchor systems and elastomeric seals that provide immediate pressure isolation upon setting in casing. Cement is placed atop the NeoPEP to assure long-term zonal isolation.

9-5/8” Permanent NeoPEP Bulletin

Permanent NeoPEP Bulletin (shown to the left)

Permanent High ΔP Plug and Platform Bulletin

Removable NeoPEP Bulletin (shown to the right)

Removable High ΔP Plug and Platform Bulletin


  • Rigless zonal isolations and recompletions
  • Isolate cross-flow & thief zones
  • Water production shut-off
  • X-mas tree repairs & replacements
    • Wellhead repairs & replacements
    • Tubing string repairs and replacements
    • Base for frack jobs
    • Base for chemical stimulation jobs
    • Base for thru-tubing gravel packs
    • T&A and P&A operations


  • NeoPEPs facilitate low cost operations that were never before possible.
  • Eliminates the burdens related to the presence of, transport and use of explosives
  • NeoPEPs facilitate optimal exploitation of recoverable reserves (especially applicable to horizontal wells)


  • Run thru small restrictions, set in casing and provide ΔP seal
  • Removable via drilling and/or milling
  • 100% Non-explosive isolation operations, using;
    • Non-explosive setting tool
    • Non-explosive cement plug placement atop NeoPEP
    • High shear bond cmt plug assures long-term isolation
  • Up to 3-½ : 1 expansion ratio
  • Robust Bi-directional anchor system
  • Instant pressure isolation