Electronic Non-Explosive Setting Tools

Model 10/20 NeoNEST® Bulletin

Model 20 UHPHT NeoNEST Bulletin

Model 171/213 NeoNEST Bulletin

2 and 3 Stage Model 213 NeoNEST Bulletin

Model 175/213/263 NeoNEST for NeoPEP Bulletin

NeoNESTs are “Ready-to-GO” wholly integrated non-explosive setting tools.

NeoNEST non-explosive setting toolsModel 10 & 20 NeoNEST service ratings & adapters are the same as Model 10 & 20 Baker Setting Tools.

Max. Service Pressure 15,000 psig & Max Service Temperature: 350° F
Model 10 Max Force Capability: 35,000 lbf , Model 20 Max Force Capability: 60,000 lbf

NeoNESTs use Baker Setting Tool adapters and routine field operations. Upon return to the surface NeoNESTs reset within seconds, another plug can be attached and run within minutes. NeoNESTs set conventional plugs and packers in 4 – 7 minutes and produce superior long-life packer seals compared to seals produced by conventional power-charge setting tools.

NeoNEST Benefits:

Provides safer and more efficient field operations.
Eliminates burdens related to use and transport of explosives.
Easily transported by land, sea, and air w/o restrictions.
No expendable costs per run.
Hundreds of plugs can be run and set between redressing the NeoNEST.†
Produces long-life superior plug and packer seals.


NeoNEST non-explosive setting tools