Electronic Non-Explosive Setting Tools

NeoNESTs® are “Ready-to-GO” wholly integrated non-explosive setting tools.

NeoNEST non-explosive setting tools

NeoNESTs set conventional plugs and packers in 4 – 7 minutes and produce superior long-life packer seals compared to seals produced by conventional power-charge setting tools. NeoNESTs can use existing Baker Setting Tool plug/packer adapters for routine field operations. Upon return to the surface, Model10/20 NeoNESTs reset within seconds, another plug can be attached and run within minutes.

Model 10/20 NeoNEST Bulletin

NeoNEST Benefits:

Provides safer and more efficient field operations.
Eliminates burdens related to use and transport of explosives.
Easily transported by land, sea, and air w/o restrictions.
Minimal expendable costs per run.
Hundreds of plugs can be run and set between redressing the NeoNEST.†
Produces long-life superior plug and packer seals.


Additional NeoNEST models, shown below, are available upon request.

2 and 3 Stage Model 213 NeoNEST Bulletin Model 175/213/263 NeoNEST for NeoPEP Bulletin