NeoProducts®, established in 2009, offers well intervention products and services to the Global Oil Industry. Some products are tried and proven, while other products are new novel technologies that provide significant value and benefits to the Global Oil Industry. We conduct extensive research and development, manufacture our own products, sell products over the counter, provide comprehensive technical support, and provide training & wellsite field services. 

James V. Carisella, Sc.D., founder of NeoProducts, has developed leading edge well intervention technologies for 30+ years.

A few of the leading edge products that are readily available are shown below:

  • Neo Non-Explosive Setting Tools (NeoNEST®) – “Ready-to-GO” wholly integrated non-explosive setting tools that set conventional plugs and packers in 4 – 7 minutes and produce superior long-life packer seals compared to seals produced by conventional power-charge setting tools.
  • Neo Positive-sealing Elastomeric Plugs (NeoPEP) – have robust anchor systems and elastomeric seals that provide immediate pressure isolation upon setting in casing. Cement is placed atop the NeoPEP to assure long-term zonal isolation.
  • NeoBailerBottom (NeoBB®) – attach to the bottom of dump bailer systems and convert explosive dump bailer systems into non-explosive dump bailer systems.
  • NeoHybridPositiveDisplacementBailer System (NeoHybridPDB® System) – hybrid combination of the best features of conventional PDB Systems and gravity bailer systems.
  • NeoSuperSlurry® Cement System – high shear bond cement blend that provides hydraulic seals anchored in place for the life of the well.
  • NeoWideRange® Thru-Tubing Bridge Plugs (NeoT-TBP) – sets in a wide range of casing sizes and provide a platform upon which NeoSuperSlurry® is placed, providing a long-term high ΔP casing plug.


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