NeoFlex Cement System Blocks Gas Migration and the Occurrence of Sustained Casing Pressure

NeoFlex plugs anchor, seal, heal and re-heal over a lifetime of well production & abandonment.

NeoFlex Cement System 


17 ppg • 5-gallon Batch Kits for bailing operations
Bailer Cement Kits are off-the-shelf ready-to-go cement kits

Bulk volume sacks for pumping (contact NeoProducts for more information)

Unique Physical Attributes

Ultra-low Permeability • Flexible • Post–Cure Expansion • High Shear Bond • Self-Healing

NeoFlex has unique physical properties that enhance fracture toughness, elasticity, and bonding to casing and formations, eliminates the occurrence of micro-cracking and gas migration.

Unique Features

  • Post-cure expansion that seals and heals throughout well production life and abandonment,
  • Blocks gas migration and eliminates the occurrence of sustained casing pressure,
  • Ultra-low permeability that prevents hydrocarbon migration,
  • Flexibility and durability that eliminates the occurrence of micro-cracking, ensures long-term well integrity, and eliminates de-bonding between cement, casing, and formation.

NeoProducts & HPI cement systems have been run in 100,000+ wells over the last 30+ years.