Non-Explosive Deployed NeoWideRange Thru-Tubing Bridge Plugs

Explosive Deployed NeoWideRange™ Thru-Tubing Bridge Plugs

Non-explosive NeoWideRange® T-TBPs provide a safe, reliable alternative to the traditional explosive deployed thru-tubing bridge plugs. In order to eject the non-explosive deployed NeoT-TBP at the customer’s desired depth downhole, a NeoReleaseTool (NeoRT) is used.


  • Successful setting and anchoring is verified on the setting run.
  • Bailer Stop feature allows precise setting depth determination on setting run.
  • Bailer Stop feature will not allow bailers to descend to the metal-petal-platform.
NeoWideRange T-TBP Bulletin

The NeoRT, shown below, is attached to the top of the NeoT-TBP and has a 1.63’’ outer diameter for small run-in-hole diameters.

NeoHybridPDB™ (Positive Displacement Bailer) Systems





NeoReleaseTool Bulletin

The basic operations for running a non-explosive deployed NeoT-TBP with a NeoRT are shown below:

  1. The Non-Explosive deployed NeoT-TBP is pre-loaded in a setting sleeve.
  2.  A NeoRT is attached to the top of the NeoT-TBP
  3. Once at depth, 450-500 mA of current is provided down the wireline to actuate the NeoRT.
    a. No more than 3-4 seconds of 450-500 mA of current is needed.
    b. Bring the current back to zero and then repeat the 450-500 mA process 2 more times to ensure proper deployment of the NeoT-TBP.
  4. Once actuated, the NeoRT releases the NeoT-TBP and allows the NeoT-TBP to eject out of the setting sleeve 12-18 inches.
  5. Now that the lower anchors of the NeoT-TBP have ejected from the setting sleeve and bit into the casing, the setting sleeve and NeoRT can be pulled up back to surface, thus leaving the NeoT-TBP at the desired depth.